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Why Put Your Trust In Me?

Choosing the right financial advisor and lender to guide you through finding, applying, and getting approved for a VA loan is of the utmost importance.
Here's why I'm the right man for the job.

VA Loan Nerd

I pride myself on being veterans' and service members' best advocate for home buying in the following ways.

You're family here
We are connected as brothers and sisters in service. When you trust me and my team with your loan, we honor that tremendously and I'll see to it that you are always treated as family.
I answer your questions personally
When you call the VA Loan Nerd, you're going to get me, the VA Loan Nerd... not a call center, a beginner, a person who hates their job, or an automated answering service. From pre-approval until the day you close, I am here guiding you through every step.
Zero loans denied... Ever
Once you receive a pre-approval from me, you have a golden ticket to home ownership. My pre-approved buyers have never been denied a loan for borrower related reasons. My bag of M&Ms contains zero poison :)
VA-specialized lending
The VA loan Nerd consistently closes 100+ loans annually with 70% of that production typically being VA.
Veterans Affairs expert
I actively stay on the forward edge of changes at the VA and communicate with them directly so I can navigate your VA loan with speed and ease. Not for nothing. I am a veteran and a retired Cicero, IL firefighter. I have lived this life.
Nationwide coverage and resources
I am committed to serve veterans across the nation. My team and I currently serves 43 states and the District of Columbia, with more coming. I also have a deep set of resources to help you meet your non-mortgage related needs.

Other Loan Companies

Putting this life decision in the hands of another company or individual could cost you time, money, and frustration.

You're a number
Many other companies mean well, but they can't always support veterans the way they should be supported. They haven't lived the life and, frankly, sometimes they just don't care.
Lacking customer support
We're all busy and none of us want to sit on hold, especially if the person (or robot) who answers on the other end doesn't seem to care. In the case of many of other companies out there, it's a crapshoot, with you hoping to land in the lap of someone how knows what they're talking about.
Something about loan denial
While the national denial rate of 7.2% for other organizations may seem like a low number, it's high compared to VA Loan Nerd's 0% denials. If I handed you a bag of 100 M&Ms and 7 were poison, would you eat one from that bag? 
General lenders
8% of lenders close fewer than 3 VA loans a year. When making this big decision, you don't want to leave it in the wrong hands.
Master of none
Real talk: Some lenders talk about being "united with veterans" but almost none of them have lived in those shoes. They find key words to trigger a sense of pride in a community and take advantage of it.
Lacking resources
Others may not have resources outside of the VA mortgage program to help you with issues that come with being a vet. I have a long list of resources from the VA for non-mortgage related needs.

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