VA Loan Nerd partners with Neighborhood Loans' secure site to facilitate your loan application. Contact VA Loan Nerd if you have any questions about the process, documents needed, or how to fill out the application. Here's what to expect:

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First you'll complete your profile so we can see what you may be able to afford and what might be the best loan type and route for you. Feel free to contact me before, during, or after your application for support or advice.
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VA Loan Nerd will help you compare loan options you may qualify for, and will help you get personalized rates.
Upload documents
You'll need to upload certain documents like income and asset information, and sometimes (but not always) VA documents like DD Form 214 for regular military and the NGB Form 22 and NGB Form 23 for National Guard and Reserves. VA Loan Nerd will guide you through documentation and approval, all the way to closing.

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